send a prayer chat back pup talking dog on a yellow box
send a prayer chat back pup talking dog with brown ring around eye

CHAT Back Pup

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Product Description

stuffed animals. Peeps. prayer plush.

send a PRAYER with a stuffed animal care package. Someone is waiting to receive one of these cherished friends from you!

Say hello to CHAT Back Pup:

When you can’t be present —  Your PRAYERS can!

Introducing our interactive and adorable talking dog plush stuffed animal, a delightful gift idea.

This charming canine companion not only boasts a soft and huggable exterior but also has the ability to repeat

whatever you say in its own playful voice. Our talking plushie dog features a lifelike design with realistic tan and brown

coloring that adds to its appeal. Its floppy ears and friendly expression make it instantly endearing, while its interactive feature adds an extra element of fun and entertainment.

Simply speak into the dog's built-in microphone, and watch as it repeats your words back to you in a humorous and playful manner. Whether sharing jokes, messages of love and encouragement, or simply engaging in silly conversations, this talking pup is guaranteed to bring laughter and smiles to its recipient.💛🙏

Size: 11.5 in.
Age: 3yrs & Up
Care: Surface washable
Material: Polyester fiber


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