send a PRAYER

The Girl Behind The Brand

It all started with a prayer, a love for stuffed animals aka “plushies” and an observation! I noticed praying hands emoji’s were present throughout social media, text messages, and inbox messages. When someone passes away, what do you see?…. Praying hands. Starting a new business….. Praying hands. Having a baby…. Praying hands. So this got me thinking… Are people actually praying for others, or are they just talking about something that they are going to do and never do it? This became my inspiration for “send a PRAYER”. What if we could put action behind our words and send a visual reminder that “Yes” we are praying for a friend, a loved one, co-worker and include a personalized note. So I combined the two and created something memorable for children and adults. The perfect gift that sends love and prayer in a box. After all, we all could use some PRAYER!!